We’ re not looking only for people with ready-made profiles, we are all untique – we don’ t require a dress code.


Project manager


The head of the team – in addition to standard project management through its individual phases and the control of its risks. We consider it important to work in cooperation with the client and to understand their goals. By taking into account the individuality of the team members, to lead them to the fulfilment of these goals in due time and in the correct way. Tools of the job: head, mobile, mail client, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, resp., ProjectLibre.




The brain of the team – analytical thinking will help get a closer understanding of what exactly the client wants, what he requires and then to design the best solution for them and convince them that the solution covers his requirements and has a strong foundation for further development. The result of his work is detailed functional specification in UML standard with data model design, which requires advanced SQL knowledge. Tools of the job: head, mobile, mail client, case tool Rational Rose resp., Enterprise Architect, SQL client…




The muscle of the team – objective thinking enables understanding of the design of the solution, the ability to read UML analysis notations is an additional advantage, the ability to constructively oppose the analysis is an additional advantage, and most importantly, the ability to objectively program the code in Java, C ++. Verifying codes is an integral part of the job. Tools of the job: head, mail client, Eclipse, SQL client…




The soul of the team – the “soul” is able to understand the design of the solution, read UML analysis notations, the ability to constructively oppose the analysis with emphasis on UX is a big plus. Thorough preparation of test stories, scenarios, cases and code verification is the main focus of the work; the tester gives guidance to programmers, analysts and customers. We do code verification up to database levels, so SQL skills come into use. Tools of the job: head, mobile, mail client, SQL client…


DWH Analyst


A data architect who likes to play with data, enjoys discovering the client’s business plan, whose analytical/ semantic thinking can guide the customer during the phase of formulating business requirements, show him the possibilities of presenting data, is able design primary data and aggregated structures of data warehouses – how they are filed, cleaned and aggregated. The use of BI tool, where applicable, offers the client an attractive way of viewing data. Tools of the job: head, mobile, mail client, SQL client, case tool Enterprise Architect…


DWH Programmer


A data specialist who enjoys working with data and whose SQL skills enable him/her to implement the demanding design of individual layers of the data warehouse; he can handle large-scale data transformations so that they run efficiently. In collaboration with DWH, the Analyst proposes and implements appropriate ways to validate data performance in real-life operations as well as test cases for validation of changes made during data warehouse development. Tools of the job: head, mail client, SQL client, monitoring tools of database Oracle, DB2, Informix, Maria DB…


Data mining Specialist


The data guru is able to use his extensive mathematical knowledge and computer skills in order to identify what kind of problem the client wants to solve and can define the AI involved. Working together with the client, he/she can formulate the assignment, set up business expectations using suitable methods of artificial intelligence, and solve and evaluate the task. His job is to prepare appropriate data in collaboration with DWH specialists (often using appropriate mathematical abstractions), use various machine learning algorithms and, in turn, be able to improve these algorithms. Tools of the job: head, mail, mobile, SQL client, RStudio…


Web designer


A creative individual responsible for the graphic designs of applications according to the specifications of the client. Proper implementation of designs is part of the job as is work in CSS, HTML and the company’s visual identity. These designs are created in Adobe – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and so on. Knowledge of the CMS platform WordPress is also a prerequisite of the job. (Further skills are welcome.)


Database Administrator


The significance of a database specialist is similar to that of a goalkeeper in a hockey team –supporting the teams that implement projects. He ensures the preparation and setting of database project environments, implements database changes during the development cycle of projects on individual environments and related data transformation, significantly participates in the creation of our management release rules. His responsibility predestines him to secure our development environments (data access security, backup,…). Tools of the job: head, mail client, SQL client, database monitoring and administrative tools Oracle, DB2, Informix, MariaDB …


System Administrator


The éminence grise ensures overall operations. With his technical skills he provides preparation of virtual and physical servers, client stations, installation of operating systems, administration of network components, mail servers, and access points. Together, they prepare and provide a corporate security policy meeting ISO 27001 standards. They also provide solutions to specific hardware requirements such as teleconferencing devices and connecting with partners. Tools of the job: head, mobile, mail, VMware Environment, network components…

Benefits for you

salary is individual for everyone


“sick days” – 3 days of sick leave beyond the Labour Code per year


support of vocational and language training in the company premises


support of certification in specialized areas




company, team and family events


promotion of sporting activities


food vouchers


flexible working hours, possibility of working from home on agreement


support for participation in professional conferences and seminars


free admission to various cultural, sporting and social events in which the company participates


possibility of providing a company car for private purposes

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