Good partners make good relationships.

There is no progress without research

Our relationship to research is already encoded into the company's genotype as is the need for exploration of new technologies and approaches. We believe that we can only move forward through continuous learning so we have been investing in research and development activities in the field of information technology since the very beginning. In addition to our own research focused on the development of our own tools, libraries, processes and methodologies, we cooperate on research projects with the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. Together we have implemented the CeZIS research and development project, which has become the basis for building a joint research and development and education centre in the field of information technology and knowledge society. Together we are able to connect scientists with the practical side of the learning process, to transfer their scientific knowledge and technology gained through research and development to real implementations or projects.

Education is the best investment

Therefore, we believe that the right company should be aware of its social responsibility and participate in the development of the environment in which it operates, especially now in this technological era. In addition to research, we have long been investing in the field of education support in cooperation with PF UPJŠ in Košice. We have been participating in the support of education (programming - Java, C ++, process modelling, project management). Whilst encouraging and directing secondary school students to university studies with a science focus, we are able to meet the students in person and present the results that have been achieved by the company’s staff. The company itself shows that honest and persistent work can bring success, satisfaction, self-realization, and ultimately opportunities for everyone who fights to realize their dreams.

We are part of the IT community

Due to our longevity, we are also engaged in professional associations in the field of information technology, we are a long-term member of associations at global and regional levels: ITAS-IT Association of Slovakia is the largest Slovak professional association of the most important domestic and foreign companies active in the area of information and communication technologies (for more information see, in which we try to influence the legislative and economic environment. Košice IT Valley - the main goal of the Košice IT Valley is to create conditions for the development of the IT industry and thus to improve the quality of life in Eastern Slovakia (see, our goal is to seek and promote synergy in association activities for all its members as well as for the region.

Business partnerships

Our work inevitably involves various partnerships, through which we and our partners are given the opportunity to deliver common solutions, share know-how and expertise, use specific components in customer solutions, and the list continues. We are a long-term partner of IBM Slovensko, s.r.o. in the field of implementation of solutions that require specific application development according to customer requirements, we cooperate in the area of human resources and specific know-how with SAP Slovensko s.r.o. and we are a partner of Oracle Slovakia s.r.o. in the field of sales. We have been cooperating long-term or have cooperated with several Slovak companies such as NOVITECH a.s., Asseco Slovakia, a.s. or Hewlett-Packard Slovakia, s.r.o. and others.

Not only through work can a man feel alive



Lastly, we love to support active people and creative projects in all areas of life. Such people and such projects promote creativity and bring a positive atmosphere to society. We engage in different areas of social life:

  • In culture

    Regular support of events such as the bard´s festival “Igrici na ulici”, dance competition “Feel iTT” and theatre activities Divadlo G in Trebišov…

  • In sport

    By supporting events: International tennis tournament 'Košice open', beach volleyball tournaments in Trebišov 'Trebišov Beach' ...

  • In research and education

    Regular support of ŠVOČ school rounds in mathematics and informatics, robotic competitions 'Na Komín 2014', 'First Lego League', 'Robotic Battle on Alejova' ...

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